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Stephen Oates

Data Scientist

Welcome to the homepage of Stephen Oates.

I am a Sydney based Data Scientist working for Mediacom on Marketing related projects.

Media Monitoring

Often we are interested in understanding how a Brand or Product are being discussed by the public. This project looks at how to collect and analyse data from a range of news sites, discussion sites and even podcasts.

Survey Data

This post looks at how we can use survey data from small samples and map it back onto the Australian population.

Modelling Movies

A look at the impact of who works on a movie and budget on Profitability of the film.

Customer Life Time Value Models

A discussion of CLV models based on a review of the literature.

Churn Analysis

Using a dataset we walk through model building to predict which customers will leave in order to entice them stay.

Survival Analysis

Using techniques originally developed in demography and biology we try and predict the average lifespan of customers.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at LinkedIn. I am also on Twitter.